9 Free Music Download Sites For Free Music Online

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There is dormant love for music in every soul. Every creature perceives and feels this universal language. Had a bad day or are you suffering from ailments? Do you need some motivation and spiritual uplift? Plug into your ears some music, let it flow into your heart and find yourself healing, combating bad omens and growing for larger and better.

One can listen to online music on the go from the internet. Still having passionately adored music handy on your device is great. On the subway, right after work or to meditate, when there is no internet connection and for any frame of time – music saved on your device is the handiest and the most comfortable choice. From a jungle of free music websites where would you find that artist or music?

Here is a list of top 8 free music download sites. Discover independent artist, create playlist, stream online, find remixes, instrumental music or download them to have some good times of life. For movies lover, don’t forget to check these amazing apps for streaming.

Free Music Websites To Download Music Online

1. Jamendo

jamendo music

Discover music in loads under creative commons license here in Jamendo.com. With more than 470,000 downloadable music tracks and artists, Jamendo.com is a recommended website for music lovers. Create a free account and search music by genre, mood or instruments. Check most downloaded, most played and recent tracks. Search and download your favorite artist too. Listen to Jamendo radio to discover the unheard music and artists. Here is a good thing, it’s handy and is available for your iOS, Android and Windows gadgets. A click away you have that favorite piece of art saved into your device.

2. Soundcloud

Soundcloud.com comes with music mixes, karaokes, unreleased tracks from emerging and independent artists as well as major artists around the world. Sigh, that most of the popular ones are available only for live streaming. But then there is a buzz of new bands and singers waiting to get discovered. Download SoundCloud app for your android and interact with your favorite artist. With around 120 million tracks and 3 million Android app users, SoundCloud is the best of its kind.

3. Musopen.com

musopen music website

Do you want to learn all that music is all about? Since 2005 musopen.org aims to “set music free” for the public. You can listen or download recordings. Listen to the radio or browse sheet music files and learn an instrument. Find resources without copyright restrictions for students and for teachers. And more exciting is the handy version in-app forms that let you stay motivated. You can set goals, take assignments and home works or get notifications on your progress.

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4. Mp3 SKULL

Favorite for free music lovers for a long time, attracting over a million user per day. Search your music by songs, albums or by artist names. What excites is the new feature to convert youtube videos to mp3 songs.

For some legal issues, the site keeps vanishing. But resurfaces with a new domain name for the sake of its users. With Mp3 skull an antivirus, to not crash things is a must. For the love of music, this sounds not trouble.

5. Soundclick


Live since 1997, Soundclick provides live audio streaming, Mp3 downloads and music purchases from the store. With over 5 million tracks and a huge collection of downloadable tracks and songs, Soundclick is favorite to many music lovers. Get to know your favorite artists and other listeners in the forum. Customize your own radio stations and there is much more to do with Soundclick.

6. Last.fm

Your passion for music will eventually lead to finding this site without doubts. Last.fm is famous for its vast collection of music. It has more than 10 pages alone dedicated to classical music and so is its collection for other genres. Patience to scroll through all the music sure will be a fruitful attempt. The download is hassle-free, click on the download button and be ready to swing your heads to the music. Deal with a few adds and enjoy music with the app on your handy android too.

7. Noisetrade

noisetrade free music

It is one stop for you as a music artist, composer, fan, reader, author or as a publisher. Discover your new favorite artist, download and even leave a tip as a mark of your generosity. And it doesn’t matter your device, from desktops to mobiles, noisetrade covers you everywhere. You need to sign in with details of email and zip code for every music download. And then click on orange download button to set the music in your head.

8. Youtube

Yeah! that is true. Youtube is the best of sites for Mp3 downloads of your choice. All you need is to couple it with freemake.com. It is a combination you will love using and its all for free. Youtube is such an easy interface for music and video song lovers. Cover music on youtube for sure is a way for young talents to gather some trouble-free money. The account creation and usage are hassle-free.

9. Freemake

With more than 73 million trusted users, freemake.com converts your favorite youtube video song to Mp3 at the fastest. There is no limitations or signup required. Search, download or play your favorite on the go. You even need not open youtube for it. Freemake will search for the artists, songs, compositions or albums in youtube on request. Convert individual or music in batches with no compromise on quality. Is there any more you could ask for? It’s the best stop of all the choices (available only for the ones reading it to the very end).

Get comfortable with one of these choices or experiment with more than one at a time. Please your inner self. Alas, they are all free and most comes handy. Why not move your body with music? Why not soul soothe you? Why not dust your daily burdens? When there are music and choices, what is your excuse to stay flat and soulless? Music lovers!! There is a lot more to discover and love. Happy times!

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