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Sports have always been an inseparable part of our lives. From playing sports all day long to watching sports on home or stadium, Sports is a classic entertainer from the ancient time. With time we have inculcated new habits and watching sports online is one of them.

With the onset of online streaming sites, now the service providers have started providing live telecast of all sports as well as highlights of the matches. You can watch them live or even can download to watch for later purpose. For the same, you just need a list of sports streaming sites, internet connection, and a smartphone or a computer. You are sorted and while on the go you would not miss your live commentary and get updates.

With the myriad of online sports websites now available for users to watch, they usually get confused about which one to watch. Many of the sports streaming sites do not provide match highlights or do live streaming. So you must know which of the services provide all the updates regarding sports. You can also stream music for free. Do read our guide on music too.

Best Live Sports Streaming Sites To Watch Sports Online

1. Stream2watch


The best sports website to watch all the popular sports events.  It is known to be one of the most amazing sites for streaming sports events. The main game and sports events are covered by the website completely. The user-interface is not well designed and looks quite old and substandard.

It is a great website for watching and streaming various sports like Wrestling, UFC, Boxing, Football, etc. One can easily go through all the major event of sports on a single page making it easy to use. The site has gained a good mileage in traffic due to ongoing Fifa World cup.

2. FromHot

Considered to be the best sports streaming sites for sports, FromHot is a platform where you can watch all your favorite shows right from Basketball, Cricket, Football, Golf, Tennis, Hockey, etc. The best part of the website is its user-friendly interface.  It is simple, easy and clean. According to your time zone, you can select your time zone and watch live sports.

Also on the home screen itself, you can view which all sports are streaming at that moment of time and enjoy watching it.  Apart from these exciting features, you are made available with online chat widget where you can chat with sports lovers like you.

3. Yahoo Sports


Yahoo started as a search and information website and with its successful milestones, it is presently leading many sectors of information sharing and knowledge base. It is an all-rounder and does not only fix into sports. It is a place to search for all interesting happenings.

Yahoo Sports comes in a simple and responsive design and is a great streaming website with features like Daily Fantasy for instant information. Top headlines and Search box for sports are attractive features in the website that is worth looking into. Soccer and NASCAR are among the sports choices most of them look for in Yahoo Sports.

4. Laola1.TV

Another great website to stream sports, Lola is preferred among most of the users to watch their favorite sports on their convivence. Be it popular sports or lesser watched like Hockey, Table Tennis, Volleyball, etc, all can be watched on the platform. There are no issues on watching the highlights of any particular match as well. With a small icon of Live sports events happening, you can click on and easily know which is streaming live right now.

The homepage let you view the latest videos and thanks to the simple and intuitive interface, users find the site worth viewing. Being a sports website I felt very disappointed as there was not a single stream of Live football matches.

5. WatchESPN


The well-known sports channel on cable television has its live streaming website which is free for users to watch and download sports events. With the stunning interface and less number of ads, ESPN has been gaining popularity among sports users watching online. The sad part is ESPN online streaming is made available only for US users and users residing out of US has to switch to other sports streaming sites.

WatchESPN has an official app for all the Android and IOS users which stream sports on almost all devices. Even the Fifa World Cup 2018 is streaming on the ESPN TV channel.

6. Bosscast.Net

A free sports website which let you watch different sports all under one platform is Bosscast. The best thing is you can easily select the time zone of your area and start watching live videos. With many popular sports like Football, Cricket, Hockey, Tennis, you can also view minor sports played all over the world like Rugby, Ice Hockey, table tennis etc.

With Live Chat option, users can get connected to similar sports-minded people and exchange their interests and share of opinion. Apart from streaming sites, you can watch Live TV with channels like BBC, AXN making your viewing experience worthy.

9. Hotstar


Popular streaming sites from Asia, Hotstar has been carving a niche in the online streaming and credit goes to its intuitive user face and media content. With all-new live sports section added on the website, users can enjoy watching cricket updates and highlights of the match as and when they get time. Hotstar has spread worldwide and has been the first-choice among several users.

There are various popular shows, movies and sports made available for users to watch thus letting go of their cable television a switching to Hotstar. For me, Hotstar is one of the best sports streaming sites for Asian countries.

Visit Website


An exhilarating Sports website which not only watches your favorite shows with ease but makes sure you do not have to spend a single dime for it. Yes, it is free to watch and works well even on the slow Internet connection. The different thing from all sports streaming sites on FirstRowSports is that you can find thousands of Sports video on the website and can also upload one of your video playing sport.

There is the hindrance of pop-up ads on the website but that can be neglected. The site is one of our pick for live football matches with live updates and action. The link of any live event goes live just a few minutes before the match starts.

9. SonyLiv


Sony Live is one of the legal sports streaming sites where you can watch premier football leagues for free. Among the favorite TV channel, SonyLiv has been able to mark its entry into the streaming sports as well. With the variety of sports events like Boxing, Cricket, Football, tennis, etc, viewers can get hold of live as well as highlights of the sports event. With various categories listed like recent, must watch, sports update, etc, on the homepage you can easily watch what you like.

The amazing user Interface is the plus point of the website. Apart from sports, you can watch Web originals, TV shows and movies on the website. A must website to watch sports online for free. The best thing about the site is the availability of 6 mirrors for every video shared on the website. There is hardly any need for buffering while watching sports online.

10. Redstreamsports

The Redstream is known to be a new and fresh site for streaming sports. With a great design of the user-interface and an awesome structure, using it is not at all difficult. It includes various channels and events from different streamers and sites. The live tabs of the streaming site are being updated on a regular basis. One can easily gain access to the website through devices like computer, tablet and any other smartphone.

Their activities on social networks can also be followed by the user which allows keeping a track of the released content every time. It definitely works as a great alternative for online streaming of any live sport.

11. VIPleague.Se


As the name suggests, the online sports site lets you watch almost all sports like Cricket, Hockey, Football, motorsports, etc in different languages like English, France, Deutsch, etc. There would be notifications for all the upcoming sports events on the websites making you prepare to come back for them. Featuring like changing the theme, time zone provides them a competitive edge over others.

The only drawback is the website is blocked in several countries like India to watch but it can be watched via VPN in those countries as well. The Today’s Game section let you know which events are there today in sports like Ice Hockey, Boxing, soccer, tennis, etc. The video language and provider name can be easily found on the website.


With an abundance of live sports made available to the users, there are some sports streaming sites which are not legal or provide only a few sports matches. But the above listed are among the most preferred and best-viewed sites. You simply have to visit them once and decide accordingly which one suits your sports.

These sites are free to watch so you do not have to spend pennies deciding upon which one site to choose for viewing your favorite sports. You can check thinice for more sports content to catch live sports events.

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