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Are you an anime addict, admirer, an aficionado? Are you still being burdened by the thought that after waking up in one fine morning you will notice that your favorite “KissAnime” has been shut down? No need to worry about, we got your back covered. We too have gone through similar phases and daunting thoughts and after a lot of research, we have come up with the list of top 10 “sites like Kissanime” alternatives. Puke the fear out as a wise man once told that “fear is not good for great”.

Each and every site on the very list is equally indomitable when it comes to their content quality. And since we are aware of the fact that “nothing is perfect in this world”, the same is no exception. Each site has its own pros and cons but they will leave nothing unturned to astound and allure you with their awe-striking facets. So without further ado, let’s check out the most anticipated list.

Best Kissanime Alternatives To Watch Anime Online

1. 9Anime

It is indeed a noteworthy alternative of “Kissanime” and so is because of its regular updation and a wide inventory of animes. Though the site is cluttered with annoying ads and stuff, yet it is easily understandable. The navbar posses 8 menus which suggest – “genre”, “newest”, “last update”, “ongoing”, “types”, “schedule”, “request”, and “fmovies”. You can certainly make out from the variety of options that the website has made available to its user base.

In fact, for a better and favorable outcome, you can filter out the contents on the basis of “genre”, “year”, “type”, ”language”,  “season”,  “quality”, ”status”, and “sort”. Life has never been easier before!! Isn’t it?

2. Masterani

The primary impression on beholding the same will not provide you with any extra amount of gay or happiness. But, as soon as you click on the “anime” menu on the navbar, you will quite well realize your scintillating eyes on the laptop or desktop screen. No kidding, this website has got an abnormally huge potential to bewilder you for every respect and perspect. You can too filter out the content based on the “score”, “type”, “status”, and “genre”.

Multiple and dazzling genres like “dementia”, “demons”, “action”, “shoujo”, “mystery”, “shounen” etc. are well available to blow you away. All the contents and animes are easily accessible for free and that certainly adds a plus to its name. One of the best anime sites and a site like kissanime available right now.

3. AnimeSeason.com

This is undoubtedly the simplest and minimal site anyone has perceived. The following is cluttered and clustered with aggravating and frustrating ads and if you are “OK” with the same, then you are good to go. But for most of the users, this might prove out to be a deal-breaker. On the homepage, you will behold the rich anime contents that are being portrayed in a sophisticated way.

For viewers convenience, the site has come up with several shorthands which suggest – “full series listing”, “most recent series”, “highest-rated series”, “random anime”, and “categories or genres”. AnimeSeason undeniably deserves a try and the best part is that it is completely free.

4. Animefreak

As the name suggests, you certainly need to be freaky and crazy anime enthusiast to endure the virtual harassment of annoying ads. Other than that, everything is good to go. You can indeed hover around numerous subheads like – “Anime list”, “Browse by genre”, “Anime A-Z”, “Latest Episodes”, “Latest Anime”, “Popular Anime”, that the site has provided for better spectator’s accessibility and convenience.

Nearly 40 genres are available to surf and the most exquisite amongst them are “Mecha”, “Ecchi”, “Shounen-Ai”, “Harem”, “Shoujo” etc. Alike others, the same is freely accessible and they don’t charge you half a penny.

5. Crunchyroll

If you intend to find a true alternative to “Kissanime”, then opt for the same. Crunchyroll undeniably boasts a mammoth-sized arsenal of animes and mangas. Be it one of those classic animes or the latest and the greatest emerging ones, Crunchyroll has them all. The site is immensely minimal crafted with self-explaining menus like – “shows”, “manga”, “news” and “forums”.

The “forum” section is pretty much alluring and tempting since all sorts of discussions regarding the very genre are carried over here. And if you are a diehard anime enthusiast, then you can certainly try out the premium subscription and trust me, spending on the same is indeed worthy.

6. Yahoo View

Haven’t heard of the same, right? Same goes for me and I feel like being deprived of such a cool and comfy website by another tech giant. It’s a versatile website with multi-level contents like – “comedy”, “anime”, “sci-fi and fantasies”, “movies”, “dramas”, “action and adventure”. The same is highly minimalistic with the exact words being used for elaboration.

The best part of the same is that it’s completely free and devoid of annoying, irritating and diverting ads. Its huge assemblage and assortment of animes are worth watching and if in near future Yahoo decides to charge for accessing the same, it won’t be a deal-breaker for you people.

7. GoGoAnime

Gogoanime will unquestionably become your primary choice and a site like Kissanime if you aspire to download any anime and enjoy it later. On the other hand, if you desire to stream them online, you can do so but at times it might prove out to be annoying because of distracting ads. The same possesses an exceptionally simple UI (user interface) and boasts an unimaginably huge collection of animes.

In fact, it also has a dedicated section for “new season anime”. Other than this, you can enthrall and entertain yourself by virtue of boggling and bewildering anime movies and at times if you find it to be a bit confusing one, then simply opt for the “popular” section.

8. Animestreams

If you intend to plunge yourself into the “Animestreams”, then you are certainly at the right place. This site lets you enjoy some of the top-notch and premium features like “requesting animes” and “English dub”, for absolutely free. Ads are too available on the same but are way insignificant when we witness the facets.

Shorthands like “Anime movies”, “English sub”, “English dub”, “ongoing”, and “A-Z list” are self-explainable enough to let you sit on the driving seat. Content ranges from classic and evergreen old animes to latest and funky creations. One thing to admire about the same is it’s flawlessly simple design and efficaciousness devoid of annoying ads.

9. AnimeLab

This very astonishing and astounding site is well capable of competing against “Kissanime” but sadly region confinements have made their way through in between. Currently, the same is only available for New Zealand and Australia which has substantially left it far behind the others. But if are an anime freak, then unquestionably you will leave nothing to unturn to try out the same.

The site claims that the majority of their contents are being taken in from Japan and they scaffold the creators too. AnimeLab is completely legal and the best part about the same is that it doesn’t charge you a single penny for witnessing its mind-boggling contents.

10. Anilinkz

On beholding the same you will inevitably feel like “that the last one is as good as the first one”. Though unlike the first one, it is a bit cluttered with annoying ads but trusts me, it won’t let you down when it comes to contents. The navbar is quite astounding because it is fabricated with innumerable options which are exquisite in their own way.

Subheads like “anime list”, “ongoing series”, “newly added”, “AOTs”, “Movies”, “cartoon list” will assuredly act as a portal to some sort of dreamy and virtual world. In fact, you will receive recommendations from the same so that you can extract the best out of them.

KissAnime has undeniably set up a benchmark in this very genre but the above-listed sites like Kissanime are nowhere less capable than the same. Go ahead, get yourself a try. Who knows? Might be your next favorite anime supplier is listed above.


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